Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to the 21 Day Plant Based Challenge Online Course!

    • Welcome and Pantry Prep

    • WFPB Pantry Shopping List

    • Physician Consultation and Bloodwork

    • Printable Plant-Based References for Physicians

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #1: Complete "How Strict Do I Need to Be?" - Personal Goals and Health Metrics Worksheet

    • Printable Homework Overview/Checklist

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #2: View Forks Over Knives

  • 2

    Class One: "Where Do You Get Your Protein?!"

    • Printable PDF of Class One Slides "Where Do You Get Your Protein?!"

    • View Video: Class One, "Where Do You Get Your Protein?!" Stephanie Spencer, RN, BSN 2 hr, 16 min.

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #3: Fiber Journal

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #3: PRINT: Daily WFPB Food Group Checklist

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #4: View lecture: Understanding Protein and Nutrition

    • Class One Resources

    • Class One Printable Recipes

    • Video Smoothie tutorial

  • 3

    Class Two: Undoing Type 2 Diabetes and More

    • Printable PDF of Class Two Slides: Undoing Type 2 Diabetes and More

    • View Video: Class Two- Undoing Type 2 Diabetes and More, Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN 1 hr, 51 min.

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #5: Weaning off of Dairy

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #6: View Videos: Addictive Foods, Supranormal Stimuli, Whole Grain Hierarchy, What the Health

    • Class Two Printable Recipes

    • Class Two Resources

  • 4

    Class Three: You're as Old as Your Arteries (Heart Disease & WFPB Nutrition)

    • Printable PDF of Class Three Slides "You're as Old as Your Arteries"

    • View Video: Class Three-You're as Old as Your Arteries-Heart Disease and WFPB Nutrition, Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN 2 hr, 15 min.

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #7: Cooking without Oil

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #8: View Lecture: Cholesterol and Nutrition

    • Class Three Resources & Recipes

  • 5

    Class Four: WFPB Nutrition for Weight Loss

    • Printable PDF of Class Four Slides: WFPB Nutrition for Weight Loss

    • View Video: Class Four-WFPB Nutrition for Weight Loss, Stephanie Spencer RN, BSN

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #9: Complete If/then and Contingency Plans Worksheet

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #10: View Gamechangers

    • Class Four Resources & Recipes

  • 6

    Wrap Up

    • HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #11: Repeat Bloodwork after 4 weeks of Strict WFPB No Oil Diet

    • Follow up Zoom Chat for graduates

    • Course Evaluation

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